What our customers are saying...



For anyone on the journey to achieve better brows but petrified to end up in the wrong hands, do yourself a favor and go see Erica.

I am obsessed with my brows and with the service I received. Brow bait is my life saver. She did not only do a gorgeous job on my brows but took care of me as a client. If you have questions, they will be answered. Concerns? They will be addressed. Style indecision? Erica can help! 

The whole process was amazing even before my appointment i had information on hand on what to expect, how to prepare, and how to maintain. The actual appointment was a lot of fun. Erica is no joke a perfectionist and made sure i was super happy before moving forward with any step. The space is super cute, right in downtown pleasanton. And the experience was really fun watching a transformation before my eyes! 

I love my brows, the healing process was seamless do to her expert care and instruction. Erica is passionate about her art and compassionate with her people and because of this I will never go anywhere else!

-Jack N. Tracy, CA


I had brows that were all over the place, no shape whatsoever, I seen Erica and told her to go with whatever she envisioned. She drew them on, plenty of measurements and let me see before starting.. I showed her what I wanted tweaked and bam a layout for great brows.. she waxed me first which I loved, showed me again before she started, at this point I was ok to start the microblading because I loved the drawn on shape.. From beginning to end Erica was awesome, allowing me to take breaks when the pain got uncomfortable. She had great conversation and was super clean and professional. When I seen the final result I was blown away!! I had no idea my brows could look so good. I'm on day two right now and excited to be fully healed!! Will update at the six week mark. Thanks again Erica for bringing life back to my face

-Celina M. San Rafael, CA 


Couldn't be happier with my new brows! They started off super uneven and straight, but I love how they turned out. Erica really took the time to draw on a brow shape that I was happy with and was able to make them look even while still being natural. 

Definitely recommending to my friends as well as anyone interested!

-Lorela C. San Ramon, CA